Why we decided to take a “Little” Disney World vacation

Why we decided to take a “Little” Disney World vacation

We recently had the amazing opportunity to take our family on our first Disney World vacation!

Our trip plans were super spur-of-the-moment and on a whim! We had thought of doing a week long + trip next spring, but other things and new plans came up. We put Disney World on the back burner, but high on the list of vacations to do in the future. Then, we had something planned for the third weekend of December, but after deliberating, those plans were cancelled.

SO… we ended up having an open weekend, and we decided to fill it with a “little” trip to Disney World!!

I say “little” trip (really, there is nothing “little” about Disney) because, instead of spending time in each park (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood) like originally planned for our spring time trip, we filled just TWO days with only Magic Kingdom fun!


So why did we decide to take a “little” Disney World vacation?

It stemmed from a few things;

1. Not having as much time to plan.

We bought park tickets 31 days before stepping foot in Magic Kingdom. Gasp! I know! Most people plan months, sometimes years, in advance for Disney, but we did not have that luxury for this trip. Yes, we could have probably postponed the trip and planned for sometime in 2018 or later, BUT we wanted Disney World now! AND, it worked out just great anyway!

2. Not having as much money to spend since it was shorter planning timeline.

Again, we could have postponed and saved money, but we had a budget we wanted to spend, and we were able to do everything we wanted for this little trip without breaking the bank or missing out!

3. Our kids are young and still can’t ride everything in all of the parks.

Little Miss couldn’t even ride everything in Magic Kingdom, and Bubs still isn’t tall enough for some of the rides in the other parks. We decided there is plenty to do in Magic Kingdom alone, so we’ll start there for now.

Also, we didn’t know how the kids would do cramming so much into two days, and keeping it to just one park seemed more logistical sanity wise… for ALL of us!

4. Little Miss was FREE! 

This was a HUGE deciding factor for us. I want to remind you that our children are ages 5 (Bubs) and 2.5 (Little Miss).

TIP: All children under the age of 3 are free when it comes to buying park tickets.

Little Miss turns 3 in May. It was either we go now and she is free, or we go sometime next year or later and pay full price for her ticket. No brainer! We’re already saving money off the bat.

5. Hubs and Bubs both get slightly anxious and uncomfortable in large crowds and spaces.

This one kind of goes along with #3. Hubs can handle it, especially when it’s doing something fun as a family. Bubs is getting better and outgrowing his, but we didn’t want to push it and overwhelm him.

We decided Magic Kingdom was perfect for all of our family’s ages, and we can spend two days there, fully enjoy it, and not overwhelm everyone by hopping to different parks in such a small time frame.

6. It was Christmas time!! Do I need to say more??

7. Little Miss is OBSESSED with Minnie Mouse!

Everything she asked Santa for this year was a Minnie Mouse something-or-other. She has at least 20 Minnie Mouse figurines, dolls, and/or stuffed animals. She loses her mind if she sees anything Minnie Mouse.

So, OF COURSE I wanted to feed the obsession and take her to meet Minnie where Minnie reigns!

8. Some Disney is better than no Disney! AMIRIGHT!!?

I am SO glad we decided to do this as our first Disney World experience. It made sense, we didn’t overdo it, and it was a trip we will all remember forever!

Check out our itinerary for our two day Magic Kingdom trip!

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