Why is my car “Sweating!?!”

Why is my car “Sweating!?!”

One Monday morning, as the kids and I were heading out the door to take Bubs to school, we approached the car (we park outside) to find it was covered in dew. Ok, that’s no big deal. It hadn’t been like that the last couple of days, but I didn’t really think anything of it. Not until I got into the car, turned it on, hit the wipers and backed out.

We had gone 5 feet down the street, and my windshield was completely fogged up and splotchy! It was like my car was sweating!

I was like, “What the heck!?” So I hit the wipers again, it cleared for a second and then fogged back up. I had no idea what to do, so I just drove to the school with my wipers going, in no rain… like a weirdo.

The next morning was the same. Ugh!

On the way home I told myself, “Don’t forget to look this up on google and find out what to do.” But, I totally forgot… It only does this in the morning, so when we would leave later in the day it wouldn’t be there to remind me!

So the next day was the same, too. But, this time I tried cracking a window. Nothing. It might even have been making it worse!

The next day (I still hadn’t googled it!), I tried turning on the defrost. That helped a little bit, but not enough.

On the fifth day, I still hadn’t googled it when we came out to leave for school. I ran back inside and grabbed a towel. I wiped my windshield, windows and mirrors to see if that would do anything. Nope! Wipers going with no rain yet again! In hindsight, I could have looked it up in the time I spent wiping down the car!

I FINALLY remembered to look it up that day, though! So, on the next Monday, I was prepared!

Because the temperature and moisture outside of my car was more than the temperature and moisture inside my car, condensation was forming. I turned on the AC to its warmest setting and put it on full blast, turned on the defrost for the back window, and WA-LAH!! It worked!

Some days it clears up faster than others, and some days I don’t even need it on, but now I know! It was just one of those crazy things I had no idea I had to learn moving from the West to the East! Humidity and I are still becoming acquainted!

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