Quick Day Trip to Columbia, SC

Quick Day Trip to Columbia, SC

Being as the Hubs just started working, he hasn’t been able to ask for time off yet, so all of our adventures have had to be short day trips to places close by. Luckily for us, there are SO MANY cool places just a couple of hours from us in each direction!

So, one Saturday we drove the hour and a half to Columbia, South Carolina to explore. We only scratched the surface of what Columbia has to offer, but we were able to see some pretty cool things in one afternoon!

First stop: South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum

We had heard about the Confederate Relic Room and decided it sounded interesting and a great way to learn some Southern history.

The museum is located inside of the SC State Museum (which is on our list of places in Columbia to go back to and do), and it is $6.00 for adults and free for children 9 and younger to enter. If you are visiting the SC State Museum, it is an additional add-on price of $4.oo to enter. We didn’t have time to see the SC State Museum, so we only paid $12 for Troy and I to get into the Confederate Relic Room and Museum.

They had a lot of relics and very informative displays. We had the entire place to ourselves as we walked from case to case. The kids found the displays with guns and swords the most interesting, of course, and did really well hanging out while we spent time reading and perusing. They had one of the first confederate flags on display and a fully restored musket to hold. That gun was HEAVY! Heavier than I was expecting, and made us realize what those men had to carry around with them all the time. They not only had relics from the Civil War, but also from most of the other wars throughout American history. It was interesting seeing uniforms, weaponry, and tactics in comparison to each other throughout the years. It was a major learning experience for all of us, and a worthwhile stop while in Columbia.

Our next stop, was a walk around the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral and Cemetery.

I am a lover of old buildings, art and history. I just love reading about what it was once like and trying to imagine being there. If only I had a time machine!

We walked around the grounds, peeked in the windows, admired the stained glass, and took time to read some of the grave stones throughout the cemetery. Apparently, this church is the oldest surviving sanctuary in Columbia, and the oldest Episcopal at over 200 years old. It is built in the Gothic Revival style and is patterned after York Minister in York, England. In the cemetery, you can find the head stones of historical figures, including many Revolutionary War heroes, dating back to the 1700’s!

Tours are available if you would like to walk through the cathedral, but we were there on a day that they were not open. Check the link above if you’d like to schedule to be there when they are available! We will most likely be going back sometime to take a tour!

Across the street from the church, you can find the South Carolina State Capitol Building.

Of course we had to run up the stairs (multiple times I might add!), and pretended to knock on the front door. We were able to go inside and walk through the building, but did not make it in time for the tour. Which was all well and good, because the kids were not up for that!

So we made our own little tour and casually peeked into each room. They had displays about South Carolina history, which were very informative for us westerners, and plenty of old stairs for the kids to walk up and explore.

By the time we came out of the Capitol the kids were done with walking around “boring, old” places and getting hungry. It was humid and hot (we are so not acclimated yet), and although I could have spent a lot more time exploring downtown, we decided to find a small park for the kids to run around for a bit then eat dinner and head home.

Before we left downtown though, I made sure we found the World’s Largest Fire Hydrant!

OH. MY. GOSH. This was the highlight of the day for everyone! It was a legit looking fire hydrant, and it was HUGE! Troy and I couldn’t stop laughing, but Bubs kept saying it was “awesome, so awesome!” So random, but a must see if you are ever in Columbia, SC.

We ate dinner at Moe’s Southwest Grill (a new place for us), drove past the South Carolina Gamecock football stadium, and made it home. There are so many things I still want to see in Columbia! Luckily, we can go back, so stay tuned for more coming up!

Happy Exploring,

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