Our Wild Visit to Hollywild Animal Park!

Our Wild Visit to Hollywild Animal Park!

Thanks to some of Troy’s coworkers, we learned about a cool and different animal park located in upstate South Carolina. It isn’t too far from us, so we decided to try it out.

And, are we so glad we did! It was an experience we will NEVER forget!

Hollywild Animal Park is a non-profit animal zoo/refuge, which houses over 500 animals. Many of the animals have been featured in TV and movie productions, too! It is located in Wellford, South Carolina, near Spartanburg. We drove up there for the evening, ate dinner at Papa’s and Beer (highly recommend!), then found the animal park. 

The animal park is currently holding their Holiday Lights Safari Benefit event, which includes a tour of their light displays, Santa’s village (tons of fun here alone), and the Deer Forest Feeding Drive. So, from November 20th, 2018 to January 5th, 2019 you can visit the park for some festive fun!

It was $6 per person, age two and older, plus an additional $10 per car to drive through the Deer Forest, animal food included. 

We paid to drive the Deer Forest and were given a giant sleeve of crackers before being told to drive free range around the enclosed area. 

Ok… sure, we’ll do that. We anxiously drove forward, still a little unsure what to do. But, everyone else was doing it, so why not!

As we entered, one of the first things we saw was this guy…

Like, WHAT!??! A zebu??

And, that was just the beginning of interesting animals we encountered!

There was this guy…

An American Bison

Oh, and this GUY…

GIANT cow! It was seriously larger than all of the cars, and even some of the SUVs!

There were also; donkey’s, deer, yaks, an emu, and more cows of normal size. But, the best, and most exciting, animal we met was by far… 

Drum roll, please!

This guy…


I do have to admit, I may be a little biased that he was the best, because I LOVE zebras! They are my favorite animal, and I have wanted to meet one up close and personal since forever.

One of my wildest dreams came true at Hollywild. 

We spent close to an hour driving and mingling with the animals. They weren’t shy and came right up to the car looking for a snack or a scratch behind the ears. The giant cow and the zebra were so bold as to stick their whole heads through the window! 

I also have to admit, upon meeting Mr. Zebra, I freaked out (mostly from excitement, but partly from fright) when he stuck his head into the car, baring his teeth in search of his cracker. Troy and the kids mostly did the feeding, and I stuck to recording the event, haha. To say it was wild, is an understatement!

Once we ran out of crackers and we had fed everyone (some more than once), we left the enclosure and parked the car at Santa’s Village. Here, we walked around the festively decorated area, saw more animals, like the camels, longhorns, a zonkey (zebra/donkey), miniature ponies, goats, an albino American bison, and more, and then let the kids take a pony ride. 

This girl could live on a pony! Her face says it all!
I mean… so cute!
Truthfully, we all really like the horses! 
This guy was super cool. 

Other fun options included meeting Santa and having your picture taken, buying from multiple snack and treat shops, warming yourself by the bon fire and roasting marshmallows, and feeding more animals with the purchase of additional food. 

We spent a good 2 (maybe a little more) hours at Hollywild before we got back in the car and finished the Christmas light driving tour. As we left, we couldn’t stop talking about how awesome that had been! How awesome it was that we met and fed some pretty amazing animals, and how fun it was. The kids weren’t ready to leave! 

Driving through the gingerbread house village as we left the park. 

So, if you live near the Upstate area of South Carolina, we HIGHLY recommend you visit Hollywild Animal Park! It will be a WILD night you’ll never forget, we promise. 

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