Our visit to the Hindu Temple of Atlanta, GA

Our visit to the Hindu Temple of Atlanta, GA

Whenever we fly anywhere for vacation, we have found that the Atlanta, Georgia airport has the best deals. Although, it’s a 2 1/2 hour drive (give and take) from us, we find it’s worth it and make the trip.

On our latest trip out to Utah, we again flew in and out of Atlanta. But, coming home, we had a late arriving flight, and I wasn’t feeling the 2 1/2 hour drive home in the middle of the night. So, we ended up booking a hotel close to the airport with the plan of sleeping, waking up the next morning, exploring some of the Atlanta area we hadn’t yet, and THEN driving home.

It was the BEST decision of my life! Ok, not of all of the decisions in my whole life, but it was well worth the hotel stay.

Anyway, the next morning we woke refreshed, and set out for an adventure.

Our first stop was the Hindu Temple of Atlanta!

While Troy was looking for the hotel, he stumbled upon this temple. We did some research and found out it’s a fully operational and traditional Hindu temple, open to visitors! We knew we wanted to check it out, and I’m really glad we did!

The temple consists of two buildings, both being different temples housing multiple deities worshipped in the Hindu religion and culture.

Above is the Shiva Temple, and below is the Balaji Temple.

Both were beautifully and ornately adorned with sculptures and statues. Both were equally impressive, but I particularly liked the Shiva Temple more.

Below are the doors to the Balaji Temple. Beautiful by themselves, but then they were surrounded by the intricately detailed sculptures of the different Hindu gods and goddesses.

Photos were not allowed inside the temples or of the different shrines depicting the idols of the gods and goddesses, but we were able to venture inside and quietly admire the beautiful shrines, colors, details, and traditions of the Hindu religion and culture.

It was a completely different experience than any of us had ever had. The kids didn’t quite understand, but they were very respectful and interested as we walked around.

Although this isn’t our religion or our culture, Troy and I feel that it is important to introduce places like this to our children. Not to distract from what we belief or practice, but to open their eyes to the different kinds of religions and cultures our world is filled with, and that we can be respectful and admire the religions and cultures of other people. And, to be able to do it close to home is amazing!

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Have you ever visited a different religion or culture close to home? Comment below and share your experiences!

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