Our Story

Hey, we’re the Lewis’s!

We moved to South Carolina from Idaho, and are now planting some roots!

So, hubby graduated with his doctorate degree in Physical Therapy, and in May 2017 we accepted our first “actual, real-life, grown-up” job (finally!). We ended up moving across the country, from everything we’ve ever known, to the Southeast. We have spent all/most of our lives in the Northwest and have had many great adventures while there, but now we are settling down in the Southeast and are very excited to explore this area of the country!

My husband, Troy, was born and raised in Boise, Idaho, did his undergrad at Utah State University, and finished his graduate degree as a Physical Therapist at Idaho State University. He is the hard-worker, but also the jokester, of the family and always keeps us laughing. We met in high school in Boise, became friends, then dated, and eventually got married in 2009. We have moved nine times in the 9 years we have been married and are now excited to start settling down as our family grows and we move into new stages of life. Troy is the best hubby and father, and I am the luckiest girl to have him!

My name is Jocelyn. I was born in Manhattan, Kansas, but was raised and lived in Boise, Idaho most of my life. I attended Brigham Young University before I married Troy, and got my associates degree at Utah State University. I like being creative, organized, and enjoy scrapbooking. I love reading, and I’m usually on the lookout for a new book, any genre really, so suggestions are always welcome! I am fortunate to be able to stay at home with our two adorable, energetic, and adventurous children.

Bubs is 6. He was born in Logan, Utah and keeps us on our toes! He is extremely smart, creative, active, and loves being helpful. He loves anything ninja, especially American Ninja Warrior, and assembling obstacle courses or being outside.

Sis is 3. She was born in Pocatello, Idaho. She is our princess and totally knows it! She is sweet, sassy, independent, and kind. She loves singing, dancing, anything Minnie Mouse, and pink.

We love playing games, and as the kids have gotten older, our board game collection has grown, resulting in game nights and tournaments. As a family we also love being outdoors; hiking, swimming, camping, exploring, and playing together.

Some family goals we have are;

1. To visit all 50 of the United States, and

2. To visit all of the National Parks.

We have been able to check off many of these already! Follow us as we share with you our adventures; past, present and in the future!

So, I started this blog for a couple of reasons…

  1. To share our family’s adventures and explorations.
  2. To give you our ideas and tips for having fun while making family memories, and making those memories without breaking the bank or overdoing it!
  3. To encourage others to explore the areas we have visited.
  4. Maybe share some of our adjustments as we’ve moved from the West to the East, and hopefully provide you with a good story/laugh.
  5. And, to give this mama a creative outlet. Cuz let’s be honest, there is more to me than just laundry, making dinner, and chasing crazy littles all day!

My hope is that you will be inspired, by our trips and adventures, to start making your own family memories, too! Thanks for visiting and I hope you continue to come back, whether it be for ideas or tips, a good story, or to pass the time. Feel free to leave me a message, subscribe, and follow my social media pages.

Happy Exploring,

The Lewis Family

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