Our Delicious Visit to Hershey Chocolate World

Our Delicious Visit to Hershey Chocolate World
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Activities and/or experiences we participated in were provided by and/or paid for by Hershey Chocolate World.

I’m so excited to share about our recent visit to Hershey Chocolate World! For our first time visit to Pennsylvania, we made sure to leave with a lasting impression on… our tummies πŸ˜‰

We hadn’t told the kids where we were heading, so when we pulled into the parking area and Bubs started reading the signs aloud, their eyes kept getting bigger and bigger, as well as their squeals of delight and excitement! It was almost impossible to keep them from sprinting into the building as soon as we parked the car!

When you’re welcomed by these yummy new friends, can you blame them?!

Upon entering the front doors, both Bubs and Sis stopped and said, “Do you smell that?! It’s chocolate!”

They seriously couldn’t contain their excitement, and kept asking when they could eat chocolate.

As we made our way more into the lobby, we were greeted with, one, the smell of chocolate (yassss!), and two, so many bright and exciting colors. Everywhere we looked was something else enticing us to come over and experience it. We settled on taking a fun picture with the three main mascots of Chocolate World; Β Kiss, Hershey, and Reese.

After talking to Will Call, we got our times for our different experiences for our day at Hershey. Each of the employees we came into contact with throughout our visit were all so friendly and helpful! It made for a smooth sailing and positive afternoon. Also, Chocolate World was laid out very user friendly, with large signs to help us find our way around.

To kick off the fun, we grabbed our glasses for the 4D movie!

We were put to work to help Hershey, Kiss, and Reese solve the mystery of the chocolate factory. The movie was silly, interactive, exciting, and full of fun. Sis was really into it, which we weren’t expecting, but she loved her glasses, loved the characters, and loved the show! Luckily we solved the mystery, and were given a delicious reward at the end, too!

After the movie, we popped out into a chocolate lover’s dream!

When Hershey says, “Hershey’s Largest Candy Store,” they mean it!!

Holy cow, there was so much chocolate.

Above was my personal favorite section πŸ™‚

It was fun wandering around the different candy sections; Kisses, Reese’s, Twizzlers, even S’mores! It all looked so tempting. We found all of our favorites plus some, and many of them were oversized!

For example…

Bubs was positive he needed this!

I’m pretty sure we could have spend a lot more time exploring the candy selections, but up next, the Chocolate Tasting Experience!

We were all ready to eat some chocolate after walking through the giant candy store, and this tour did not disappoint.

When we arrived, we were given our necessities to become professional palateers. I gotta say, handing a sack full of chocolate to a 3 year old and telling her she can’t eat it yet, is the ultimate test of patience. For her and for me, haha! But, she listened, and passed her test!

We were given a lesson in taste testing and the different ways to experience our chocolate. Both of the kids took their jobs of palateers very seriously. We lined up our multiple chocolate pieces, learned the origins of chocolate, and even tasted some cacao nibs.

If you’ve never tried cacao nibs, you’re in for a shock someday! Troy was the only one that enjoyed that part of our tasting, haha.

But, we quickly moved on to the good stuff!

The tour was great for all ages!

The boys intently placing their votes for which ingredients they tasted in each piece of chocolate. We voted throughout the experience, then compared the votes with the rest of the palateers. It was interesting to see the variety of flavors everyone tasted being as our taste buds are all different!

We passed our tasting test and received documents stating we were now official Hershey chocolate palateers! The kids really enjoyed this part of our day, partly because they were able to eat chocolate, but also because they were involved and hands on during the whole thing.

After our taste testing experience, the kids were sufficiently sugared up, but we were just getting started!

As we meandered around before our next activity, we ran into the mascot Hershey himself!

Our final experience was the coolest thing we did all day! And, that’s saying a lot, because everything we did was awesome!

Yep, you read that right above! Create your own Candy Bar!!

We arrived at the station for our time slot, gowned and hair netted it up, and headed into the chocolate making factory.

I couldn’t get over how cute the kids looked in their uniforms! That, and the fact that they were out of their minds excited to make a chocolate bar, made the whole experience for me.

As we wound our way through the factory, we chose flavors, fillings, toppings, suited to our tastes and desires. The kids took advantage of the multiple filling options and loaded their bars with chocolate chips, cookie pieces, and Rice Krispy chunks. Other options included heath chunks, butterscotch chips, and more.

At the end of the creation process, the option to top your bar with sprinkles was available. Of course we added sprinkles!!

Then, we got to stand next to the belt as we watched our chocolate bars be made, step by step.

As they came through the final production stage, the cooling chamber, we watched them roll by. We could hardly stand the wait, but we still had work to do!

We had to create our very own personalized Hershey chocolate bar wrapper πŸ™‚

We chose background colors and pattern, name fonts and color, and stickers. There were hundred of possibilities, and it was really fun going through all of our options.

Once everyone was settled, we sent them off then waited for the final result…

As you can see, one of them was more concerned with eating their creation than taking a picture with it, haha!

There was one more thing we wanted to do at Hershey Chocolate World before leaving, but first, SNACK TIME!

There are two areas from which you can chose between snacks, meals, treats, drinks, s’mores (you name it!); the Hershey Bake Shoppe or the Food Court. The kids both chose treats from the bakery, whereas I went for a Frozen Hot Chocolate from the court.

Just take a look at some of the options!

Both of the kids settled on cookies, and both were very pleased.

But, I was VERY pleased with my choice of a Frozen Hot Chocolate! So rich, smooth, and Hershey chocolatey. So yummy. I will probably dream about this drink for years!

Our last item of business before leaving, was to take the free tour to learn more about the history of Hershey, the business and the man himself, Milton Hershey.

Did you know that Hershey also started the Lancaster Caramel Company?? We had no clue. The tour gave us many more insightful tidbits of information of Milton’s life and the growth of the Hershey chocolate company. He was dedicated, innovated, and charitable. His life was filled with failures, but also with so many successes and progress. It was a pleasure learning more about his legacy.

At the end of the tour, we boarded the Hershey chocolate world amusement ride. The kids were blown away! Candy and a ride?! They were not expecting it, and were thrilled.

We passed by all of our favorite characters one more time, and got a glimpse into the process of chocolate making.

We can’t say enough good things about our visit to Hershey Chocolate World! It was fun, exciting, yummy, and educational. Families of all ages would enjoy a day, or even an afternoon, spent here, exploring, eating, riding, and creating!

Thank you to Hershey for the wonderful opportunity, and the great time spent creating delicious family memories!

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