North Pole Ninjas-Mission: Christmas

North Pole Ninjas-Mission: Christmas
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We were recently gifted an adorable 25 days of Christmas activity set by our Grandma. At first glance, as the kids were unwrapping the present, I thought she had sent us Elf on the Shelf, and I was not going to be happy.

Any one else out there get what I’m saying?? Elf on the Shelf is cute and fun and entertaining, but I really don’t want to deal with all that work! We already have an advent calendar, a nightly ornament tree, and a count down chain. I just didn’t want to have to think of something else to set up at night after the kids go to bed. That’s my sacred hang-with-Hubby-and-Netflix time! AMIRIGHT!?

Anyway, it turned out NOT being Elf on the Shelf, and instead, something I was able to get totally onboard with;

North Pole Ninjas: MISSION: Christmas!

Once the kids had unwrapped the gift, we found a book, 50 top secret missions, and an adorable little, plush Sensei to guide us along the way. The beautifully written and illustrated book is by Tyler Knott Gregson and Sarah Linden, with art by Piper Thibodeau. What is so awesome about this set: IT’S COMPLETELY PUT TOGETHER AND READY TO GO!

Just look at those beautiful, glossy pages!!

The premise is that living secretly in the North Pole with Santa and his toy making elves, are secret ninja elves that fulfill special missions on behalf of Santa. Missions such as donating food or clothing, shoveling snow, and using their Christmas spirit to take care of others’ needs. They are led by Sensei who receives and reports missions to Santa directly. Even with all the little ninja elves working hard, they need help from us to finish some of the missions on time before Christmas.

Sensei is so cute and cuddly! AND, he has a sweet beard! He sits on our end table in the family room, and every night “sneaks” away to tell Santa we completed our mission. The best part!? He “sneaks” right back to his same spot! I don’t have to do anything 🙂

We were given a packet of missions, written on separate slips for each day of December (plus some!) until Christmas, to complete after signing The North Pole Ninja Pact. The kids signed the pact (Little Miss had some help) and the Hubs was their witness. It is now legit and we are committed.

Some of the missions include; donate to the food bank, make cookies or ornaments for friends and neighbors, write letters to siblings, compliment a friend and sit with them for lunch, make holiday cards, pick up the house without being told, donate toys, leave a special note for a teacher or community helper, or even make up your own ninja mission. Some are very simple, and yes, some require a little more planning (like baking cookies or driving to the food bank), but they are ALL doable with young children and usually require things we have around the house!

When we go on our missions we must take Sensei with us so he can watch us and report to Santa that we have accomplished the mission for the day. Bubs likes to makes sure we have him and always tells him our plan of attack!

So far some of our missions have been donating to to the food bank, writing letters to our siblings about why we love them, delivering cookies to friends and teachers, and gathering up our old clothes to donate to Good Will.

This sweet letter from Bubs to his little sister melts my heart!

Funny story: The kids picked out some stuff for the food bank (a full spaghetti dinner is what they went with), we put it in a cute Christmas bag, and drove out to drop it off on Friday. Mom fail! I didn’t look at the times for the food bank, and by the time we got there they were closed! Come to find out they are only open a few times a week for limited hours, and of course they are during school hours. So, our mission was a bust and I had to drop the bag off without Bubs on Monday. BUT, there is picture evidence of mission completion and Bubs was satisfied by that.

Below is a clip of us completing our mission of delivering cookies! The kids get so excited, and watching them enjoy doing service and spreading happiness is the best feeling and validation as a parent.


So if you are like me and don’t want to deal with Elf on the Shelf, become ninjas and spread Christmas cheer one mission at a time with North Pole Ninjas: MISSION: Christmas!

Happy Holidays & Happy Exploring!

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