Family Bucket List Printable for 2018

Family Bucket List Printable for 2018

With each new year comes new plans, hopes, dreams and goals.

Time in 2018 is flying by already! Our family has a lot of plans and goals for 2018.

Our bucket list, things we want to do, places we want to explore, and new things to try, grows everyday. We have some fun family road trips and vacations planned, and we made new goals to become more present, to grow closer and happier as a family, and spend time enjoying doing things we love together.

One of my personal goals is to be more organized, in hopes to help stay more motivated, simplify the daily routine, and keep us all on track in our plans and goals.

Putting things down on paper always makes me feel more accountable, so, I whipped up this family bucket list/goals planner to keep an outline of our year.

To break it down, it includes;

  • Our family mission statement
    • We want to grow closer as a family by spending quality time doing things we all love together.
  • Space for one monthly goal
    • Some of our examples include; taking swimming lessons in March, potty training in May, and starting a new family holiday tradition in December.
  • An area for three bucket list items for each month
    • Our family bucket list ranges from things to do, things to eat, places to go, and more. Some examples of things we included on the outline are things like try boiled peanuts, go to a college basketball game, hike to some Georgia waterfalls, visit and explore Washington D.C., and spend time at the beach.
  • List area for up to 5 yearly goals 
    • These weren’t necessarily travel or bucket list related, but included things we wanted to accomplish in 2018.
  • Lines to write our family incentive for meeting our goals
    • Goals deserve to be rewarded when met, so we decided to reward each monthly goal we achieve with a family trip to get dessert. The kids were all for treats!

Some of our plans are sure to change or get rearranged, but it was nice to sit down and get our year thought out in advance.

If you would like your own Family Bucket List Planner for 2018, download the printable below for FREE, print it out, fill it up, and start achieving those goals, dreams, and plans as a family! 

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