Falls Park on the Reedy

Falls Park on the Reedy

Moving to Greenwood has been a change for us, or maybe more for me. We’ve lived in small cities before, but they have never been in the South, so far away from family, in the humidity, or in a place that doesn’t have a Costco! I love me some Costco when I need certain things, because bulk is so much easier sometimes! Luckily, there is a Costco in Greenville, SC, about an hour away.

But more importantly, there is also a Target in Greenville! Can I get a Whoot Whoot!!

So, one Saturday we needed to get out of town (it was overcast and blah), and I needed a Costco/Target run. We drove up to Greenville, hit the stores, then decided to explore a little of downtown. We actually kind of stumbled upon Falls Park, but we are sure glad we did!

Falls Park is 32 acres of beautiful scenery, location of many city events, and home to the Liberty Bridge. It is located in the historic West End district, and once you enter, you feel like you are someplace else, not in the middle of downtown! There are biking and walking paths along the Swamp Rabbit Trail, grassy areas, and areas where you can get close to the water, for rock throwing of course!

And, the kids were NOT having it with the picture taking!

This is such a beautiful waterfall! It’s on the Reedy River, and right in the middle of downtown. Who knew!?

Mama and her ducklings

A heron flew over head as we were watching these guys. Mama started quaking and flapping her wings, and those babies hightailed it into the water! It happened in a moment, but boy, those ducklings were good listeners! Sometimes I wish my kids would be that quick to listen to me… lol!

There were ducks and geese everywhere, and the kids loved chasing them or trying to get them to follow us by making quaking noises. At one point, we were completely surrounded by ducks looking for food! They just sat there looking at us, waiting for anything we would drop. Unfortunately for them we didn’t have anything, but they wouldn’t leave. We eventually had to make a break for it and they stopped following us, lol. After walking through the park for a little while we left and drove home.

We ended up coming back to Falls Park for the 4th of July fireworks a few weeks later. There were booths, food, music, and the weather was perfect! As we were walking through the park to find an open, grassy spot, we found this crazy, awesome tree! I don’t know how we missed it the first time we were there!!!

It is called the Medusa Tree or sometimes the “Root Tree.” It is thought to be around 70 years old, and it is quite the sight! Bubs just wanted to climb it!

After that, we found a spot on the grass, laid down a blanket and played board games as a family until the fireworks started. The fireworks were spectacular, and we were able to have a wonderful July 4th.

If you are close to the Greenville, SC area I highly recommend taking some time to wander through Fall Park on the Reedy. It’s an oasis from the city and gives a sense of being in the forest without going far from home!

Happy Exploring,

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