Our Cross Country Move

Our Cross Country Move

When it comes to big life changes, our family likes to do them all at once!

Graduation, birthday, going away get-together, packing and moving across the country, you say? Let’s do it all!!

Why space them out, prioritize each one, and make it easier to plan and juggle everything when you can just bang it out in a three-day time period??? Because apparently we’re crazy that’s why!

Troy graduated from Idaho State University with a doctorate in Physical Therapy on Saturday May 6th, 2017 in Pocatello, Idaho. We were currently living in Cedar Hills, Utah with my parents as Troy finished up his last school affiliation, but had most of our stuff in a storage garage in Pocatello. So, Friday the 5th, we drove back, picked up our moving truck and loaded everything we owned into it.

Friday evening, Troy and I attended his hooding ceremony and dinner. It was delicious and exciting, and we got to say good-bye to the friends we had made during the past 3 years.

One proud Wifey!! Look at that handsome guy!

Saturday morning we herded both sides of our families to the graduation ceremony and cheered on my dedicated, hard-working, good-looking and amazing hubby as he finally finished school for the first time since we have been married! (I feel like I graduated too, having survived many low-income, sometimes feeling like a single mother, moving our family for school and affiliation, years!) After the ceremony, there were pictures taken, lunch eaten, and good-byes made to family members we wouldn’t be seeing for a while. We also hit up our favorite playground and let the kids play with their cousins one more time, THEN stuffed them with a celebratory cake, and THEN stuck them in the car for 3 hours. Logic? Probably not, but when it’s crazy weekend, when in Rome…

We drove back, moving truck in tow, to Utah to begin our trek across the country.

Sunday, we celebrated our spunky Little Miss’s 2nd birthday! She is the light and calming presence in our family. Don’t get me wrong, the girl can be SASSY, but she is sweet, sensitive, and snuggly. The day was filled with Minnie Mouse, Moana and pink!

Monday May 8, 2017 was the day that the lives of our little western family changed forever.

We woke up, made our last-minute preparations and headed out for our week-long, cross-country road-trip move from Cedar Hills, Utah to Greenwood, South Carolina.

Head over to the next post for Day One: Crossing the Old West and read along as I briefly share the journey of our move in the next couple of post!

Happy Exploring,


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