2 Day Itinerary in WDW’s Magic Kingdom Part 2

2 Day Itinerary in WDW’s Magic Kingdom Part 2

Day Two

While on our recent Disney World vacation, we spent two days creating unforgettable family memories in the Magic Kingdom. Read all about Day One if you haven’t already!

Day Two started off pretty much the same as Day One. The park opened at 8AM. We got up and ready, ate breakfast at our hotel before leaving for the park by 7:30AM.

But instead of riding the Monorail, we were guided onto the buses that took us to the Magic Kingdom park entrance. The kids were pretty bummed about having to ride the bus haha, but we made it just the same!

We arrived in time to watch Let the Magic Begin again, but this time booked it into Fantasyland right when the rope dropped. Hubs was on a mission to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which had no available FastPasses and always had ATLEAST a 90 minute wait. But, we got in the line pretty quick and he was determined to wait it out for us. So, while he waited in the line, the kids and I went across the way to ride The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

We were literally stepping into our honey pot when Hubs called me and told me to bring Bubs to him in the the Dwarfs line because he was about to enter the mine! The Winnie the Pooh worker girl looked at me like I was crazy when I told her we had to leave haha. But, I got Bubs across the way just in time for him to jump in line with Hubs before they disappeared into the mine. They stood in line for about 20 minutes, during which Little Miss and I rode Winnie the Pooh, Mad Tea Party (Teacups), AND met Alice!

By 8:30AM Hubs and I were switching kids, and by 8:35AM Bubs and I were on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train thanks to Child Swap!

New favorite ride for everyone!!!

After riding the Seven Dwarfs, we all rode Winnie the Pooh, Bubs met Alice, and we all met Merida.

Our first FastPass for the day was at 9:45AM at Space Mountain. We made our way into Tomorrowland around 10AM, and Bubs and I were zipping through the cosmos by 10:20AM, and while we were being launched through space, Hubs and Little Miss were flying on the Astro Orbiter.

I WISH I had photo proof of our ride on Space Mountain, but Bubs DID NOT enjoy that ride in the least! So instead of getting our photo, I was wiping tears and calming fears.

The only tears of the entire trip were due to blasted Space Mountain!

I promised Bubs he never had to ride Space Mountain again and he was satisfied. We switched with Hubs, and while he rode Space Mountain alone, the kids and I hit up Astro Orbiter.

Hubs came off Space Mountain the same time we exited the Astro Orbiter. The kids were begging us to ride the Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover, and we were happy to oblige. Like the Mickey’s PhilharMagic from Day One, the People Mover is perfect for a little rest. The line may look/seem long to get on, but the ride is constantly moving, loading and unloading, so it moves really quick. Once on you get to sit back and enjoy some great views and information about the park. The whole family enjoyed it!

At 11:25AM we cancelled our FastPass for the Tomorrowland Speedway because we had already ridden it the day before, and no one cared to go again. Instead, we picked up a FastPass for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin! Another family favorite!

After that we were done in Tomorrowland, and we decided to head back into Adventureland. On the way, we ran into the end of the Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party, such a fun surprise!

Once the party ended we were informed Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire would be starting a few minutes later. So we found a good spot close to the castle and broke out some snacks. At 12PM Mickey and tons of his friends put on a show with lots of singing and dancing. The kids loved it!

Next we found the one and only, Mary Poppins! We love the movie and apparently she is a personal favorite of the Hubs, so of course I made him take a picture with her haha.

As we moved more into Adventureland we realized how crazy long the lines were for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (which is where we had been headed), so instead of we changed plans and made our way back to Fantasyland to meet Belle at Enchanted Tales with Belle which only had a 30 minute wait. While we waited for Belle we made sandwiches and ate lunch to make the time go by faster.

By 1:15PM we were being ushered from Belle’s cottage into the castle, where we were entertained by the castle’s inhabitants and finally face to face with the princess. Bubs was lovestruck and Little Miss could have cared less, even though she did smile for her picture… barely.

After we left Belle’s house, we started to make our way up Main Street, USA for our FastPass to meet Mickey Mouse! The kids were extremely excited and couldn’t wait any longer, but we didn’t realize the Festival of Fantasy parade had started. The sidewalks were packed because the streets were roped off, so it took us longer to get there than planned, but we made it to Mickey by 2:30PM.

Since we were already in Main Street, we spent some perusing the shops. We picked up some souvenirs and admired everything else. By the time we were done, Little Miss was begging to ride Under the Sea again. Before riding, we took a break for some GIANT pretzels from Prince Eric’s Village Market. These were the biggest pretzels I have ever seen! AND they were delicious!

I knew that Disney gives free water refills. I asked at Prince Eric’s and we were told they did not, but Gaston’s Tavern did. Luckily, those aren’t too far from each other, so I walked over. Had I not just eaten a giant pretzel I would have ordered everything on the menu!

When I got back Hubs informed me that he was going to go wait in line at Peter Pan’s Flight, which was at a 120 minute wait! But, everything was a long wait and we had already ridden everything else we wanted to, so why not!? He left to get in line, and the kids and I rode Under the Sea and Prince Charming’s Royal Carousel TWICE in a row before meeting up with him in line.












We then waited for 45 minutes to ride Peter Pan, and the kids did great! We were a little in shock haha. We came out of Peter Pan’s Flight just after 7PM. The park closed at midnight, and we were going to close it down, but we needed dinner first.

After everyone decided on food from Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, we walked over there to find it was so busy they weren’t letting any more people into the building unless you were picking up a Disney App order. So… we sat outside the door and ordered our food. It was ready 10 minutes later and we walked right in to eat it! It was the best, coolest, easiest way to get food!

As soon as we were done with dinner, we made our way to Cinderella’s Castle and found a spot to watch the Happily Ever After show that began at 9PM.

The Happily Ever After show was the pinnacle of our trip! Pure Magic!

After the show, both kids fell asleep. The park started to clear out considerably after the Happily Ever After show. The Once Upon a Time show started at 10PM. We found a spot much closer to the castle and parked to wait it out and let the kids sleep.

When the show started we couldn’t get either of the kids to wake up! They were out, so the Hubs and I enjoyed the Disney Magic together.

Literally two minutes after the show ended, Little Miss woke up haha. She wanted to ride It’s a Small World and the carousel again. Earlier in the day I grabbed a FastPass for It’s a Small World at 11:15PM. What a way to close the park!

Bubs woke up when we got to the carousel for one last spin. He does not wake up well after he naps, but we thought he’d be fine if we got him on the horse. Apparently we were wrong…

He was not having it haha! He didn’t cry, whine, or yell. He didn’t say anything. He just sat like that the whole ride, and as soon as we got off the carousel he was back to his normal, energetic self!

We got to It’s a Small World around 11:00PM, hopped on after waiting 5 minutes, got off and rode it again with our FastPass! The kids were thrilled and we left the park singing one of the most iconic Disney park songs.

The Hubs and I have been reminiscing about this trip since the moment we got home. It was seriously perfection! It couldn’t have gone better even if we had planned for months in advance. Hopefully we can go back some day soon.

If you are thinking of planning a WDW Magic Kingdom vacation, I hope this was helpful! Comment below if you have any questions!

Happy Exploring,



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