2 Day Itinerary in WDW’s Magic Kingdom Part 1

2 Day Itinerary in WDW’s Magic Kingdom Part 1

Day One

We recently took our first family vacation to Disney World! Our trip consisted of just two days in Disney, and those two days were spent just in Magic Kingdom. We decided to keep it simple, and you can read about why we chose to take a “Little” Disney World vacation in my previous post. It was the perfect amount of time, and we didn’t over spend, over do it, or felt like we missed out on anything. I mean we would have enjoyed it if we had stayed longer, obviously, but for our first time there with young children, it was wonderful.

We decided to stick to just Magic Kingdom for this trip for three main reasons.

  1. Both of our kids could ride most of the rides if not all of them.
  2. Magic Kingdom IS Disney! This is where we could meet Mickey and Minnie, plus tons of other favorite characters.
  3. Magic Kingdom is big enough we easily needed two days to see and enjoy it all without feeling rushed!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, we also didn’t have as much time to plan like most Disney vacations “require,” but we never once felt like we missed out or wished we had waited for better/more advanced planning.

So, without further ado, here is our 2 Day Magic Kingdom Itinerary!

Day 1: Friday

The park opened at 8AM, and we wanted to be there!

Our kids wake up early anyway, so it was no problem for all of us being dressed and ready to leave our hotel room to eat breakfast around 7AM. We enjoyed our complimentary breakfast and hit the road to Disney by 7:20AM.

Perks of getting up and being there early… great parking and no lines! We parked in the first/front parking lot, walked the short distance to the bag check lines, breezed through, and walked right onto the Monorail to ride to the main entrance of Magic Kingdom.

We stepped onto Main Street, USA around 7:40AM.

We were able to take in the sights, sounds, smells, and Magic of Disney World for our first time! Everything was decorated for Christmas (we were there the 3rd weekend of December), the crowds were slim still, and we were ALL excited.

We made our way towards Cinderella’s Castle, took a family picture with it as our backdrop, and took it all in as we waited for rope drop and the beginning of an amazing day!

At 7:55AM we were welcomed by a very special someone!

Mickey and his friends kicked off the day with a short performance and a little bit of Magic in the Let the Magic Begin show.

At 8AM the park was officially open, and we hightailed it through Liberty Square towards Frontierland.

We had a FastPass time for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad starting at 8:15AM, but we got to Splash Mountain as quick as a flash, walked right up to the logs, got loaded, and Bubs and I rode it first thing as our first ride!

SO AWESOME because we walked right on, AND we got SOAKED, so we got it over and done with first thing and had plenty of time to dry off in the mid 70s degree weather we were blessed with for our trip.

Front row! Bubs was NOT a fan and I ended up canceling our FastPass for Splash Mountain we had scheduled at 10:25AM. Hubs was able to ride later because we used the Child Swap option (which is GENIUS Disney!), and we filled our time with other rides and grabbing other FastPasses later in the afternoon.

We rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad using our FastPasses at 8:15AM, then spent time in Adventureland riding the Pirates of the Caribbean and The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. We waited about 10 minutes for Pirates then walked right onto the Carpets. Our first major line waiting of the day ended up being to meet Aladdin and Jasmine.

Little Miss wasn’t too sure about being hugged by strangers, but Bubs was into asking for their signatures and chatting with the charismatic Aladdin and beautiful Princess Jasmine.

After meeting our first characters, Little Miss was in need of a diaper change and a snack. So, while the boys went through the Swiss Family Treehouse, we girls hit the restrooms across the way and broke out the crackers and fruit snacks.

By 9:45Am we were walking through Liberty Square on our way to It’s a Small World. We passed Rapunzel’s Tower and parked our stroller before waiting in the It’s a Small World line for maybe 15 minutes.

Our next FastPass time wasn’t until 12:40PM, so we meandered past the shops, admired the castle, and rode the Prince Charming Regal Carousel.

I highly recommend visiting Mickey’s PhilharMagic! We hung out inside for 10-15 minutes before we were able to sit down and take a break from the excitement outside, while watching a fun little show featuring some of our favorite pals.

After the show, the crowds were starting to pick up, but we noticed the wait time to meet Cinderella and Elena was only 15 minutes with no FastPass! So, we parked the stroller, the kids and I jumped in line, and Hubs whipped up some sandwiches and brought them to us to eat while we waited. Kill two birds with one stone, right!? The kids finished their sandwiches right before we were summoned back to meet the princesses.

By the time we came out from meeting Cinderella and Elena, it was time for our FastPass to meet Rapunzel and Tiana! We waited maybe 5 minutes! Bubs was all sorts of googly eyes for Tiana and became extra shy when Rapunzel told him he was very handsome. Little Miss had been so excited to meet Rapunzel, but freaked out and wouldn’t even look at her once we got there. As soon as we walked out, Little Miss said, “That was so fun!” Who even knows!?

At 1PM we were making our way into Fantasyland. I was geeking out! Ariel has always been a favorite of mine, so seeing her castle was a dream come true!

We stood in the line for Under the Sea- Journey of The Little Mermaid for 10 minutes (while eating some more snacks), and then rode the ride that turned out to be one of the highlights of the entire trip for Little Miss. She couldn’t, and wouldn’t, stop talking about being under the water with mermaid Ariel!

Then, we met the mermaid herself, Princess Ariel, at Ariel’s Grotto. She was the first character Little Miss was actually willing to sit next to and interact with!

Afterward we were ALL ready for a treat! I had my heart (and stomach) set on a Dole Whip. We asked a cast member where we could find one, and we were told they were in Frontierland. SO… we headed that way. Along the way we realized they were getting ready for the Festival of Fantasy parade. The kids and I parked the stroller and camped out in Liberty Square while Hubs fetched the Dole Whips. He made it back just in time to settle in before the show began.

At 2PM we sat front row to the Festival of Fantasy parade!


We saw all of our favorite characters! The kids were dancing and waving to everyone. It was a highlight of the day, and we STILL sing the song!

As we were leaving Liberty Square area, Little Miss fell asleep in the stroller. I had picked up FastPasses for Hubs, Bubs, and I to ride Tomorrowland Speedway. While the boys rode first (Bubs got to drive!), I hung out with the sleeping princess. We were able to use Child Swap right afteward, and I rode with Bubs.

Little Miss was still asleep, so the boys rode The Barnstormer. The was a personal favorite for Bubs! He would have ridden that over and over had we let him, or had the line not grown from the time he got on and off. Luckily for him, we had the Child Swap option so he and I rode once more.

We decided to pop into the Big Top Souvenirs tent for a quick peek, but we ended up leaving with more treats!

I got the Chocolate Caramel apple, Bubs got the Olaf cookie, we picked out a Mickey cookie for Little Miss (still sleeping), and Hubs chose the Apple Crumble apple.














The enticement of cookie finally woke the sleeping beauty, and we enjoyed our treats.

Around 4:45PM we walked into Pete’s Silly Side Show and soon afterwards this happened…

Little Miss is OBSESSED with Minnie Mouse! This moment was the pinnacle of Disney World for that little girl. My mommy heart was exploding as well, let’s be honest! I wish we could have stayed there forever so she could have soaked in the glory of Minnie longer.

Next, we met Donald Duck and the one and only, Goofy. The kids LOVED Goofy! He was silly and charismatic. Bubs was giddy, even. Seeing the kids so excited was why we took this trip!

The park closed at 6PM on Friday. We were nearing the end of our first day. When we came out from meeting Minnie Mouse (Daisy Duck was there too), Donald and Goofy, we noticed the line for Dumbo the Flying Elephant was only 10 minutes wait! We jumped into that, took a flight, and then started heading to the castle.

Just before 6PM we got to see A Frozen Holiday Wish. A little show put on by Anna, Elsa, and Olaf! Elsa used her powers to light up the castle, and it was the perfect ending to our first magical day!

As we walked back through Main Street, USA to leave, we admired the now lit Christmas decorations. The kids didn’t want to leave, but once we told them we would be back again in the morning, their chatter turned into reminiscing about their favorite parts of the day.

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Little did they know our day wasn’t even over!

Read all about our big surprise for the kids that was the best decision we made the entire trip!

And, continue on to read all about Day Two in Magic Kingdom!

Happy Exploring,


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