10 Minimal Necessities for your Disney Park Backpack

10 Minimal Necessities for your Disney Park Backpack
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We like to keep it simple and usually take a minimalistic approach when it comes to packing. It stresses me out when there is stuff everywhere while we’re traveling, or really, in life in general!

So, same went when I packed the Disney park backpack!

Some things that the backpack had to accomplish for us;

  1. It had to hold most everything we needed for the day
  2. It couldn’t be too crowded or hard to get things in and out of easily
  3. It couldn’t be too heavy or bulky if we needed to carry it onto rides
  4. It had to be easy to search at bag checks

So, I went with one of my old college backpacks that I still had lying around. It is easy to carry, not too bulky, has lots of pockets for everything, opens easily for bag checks, and the Hubs wouldn’t feel too girly carrying it around 😉

Every time we parked the stroller, we took the backpack with us. We left some things with the stroller, like our sack of snacks and sweatshirts when we weren’t wearing them, but everything else was either valuable or we wanted to have with us, so it went into the backpack.

Here is our list of minimal necessities for your Disney park backpack.


I had a sack of snacks in the bottom of the stroller. I would then fill the backpack with snacks before we left the stroller parked so we had snacks for waiting in lines.

Some snack suggestions:

Fruit snacks, applesauce pouches, sleeves of Ritz crackers, boxes of raisins, apples, bananas, separate bags of chips or cookies, AND we took a loaf of bread with some jam packets to make sandwiches for lunch.

Water Bottles

I’ve included these on my post 10 Tips for Hiking with Young Kids, but we LOVE these water bottles and take them EVERYWHERE! So, of course we took them to Disney World!

I found these are Walmart a few months back. I lucked out that they had a boy and girl version in the characters my kids like, too. But, you can also get them on thermos.com in tons of different characters or colors. We love them because they are insulated and keep drinks cold for a long time, plus have awesome, easy to use lids to prevent spills. Great for on the go!

Wet Wipes

These were necessary because I still have a diaper wearer, but they also come in handy for messy hands and faces, dirty tables, and the accidental spill. I made sure we had a new package to cover our days in the park (I didn’t want to run out!).

I’m glad I packed a new package, because we had a sticky spill situation one day! While we were waiting to watch the fireworks one evening, our neighbor’s (we were packed in tight) blue gatorade tipped over and spilled onto our stroller. It was sticky and wet, but the wet wipes were able to clean it up enough for it to air dry. So you never know!!

Hand Sanitizer

We usually carry hand sanitizer with us all the time anyway, but I made sure we had it for Disney World! With so many people, from so many different places, you can’t be too safe getting rid of germs. But, you can’t avoid germs either. So any little precaution can’t hurt, right!? We applied hand sanitizer each time before we ate and just every once in a while to keep on top of it.


You never know what the weather is going to do! Florida can be quite rainy, and it’s not unusual for sporadic showers throughout the day. So be prepared just in case.

We had PERFECT weather while we were there. It was mid December and we were in the low to mid 70’s everyday. We wore t-shirts and jeans with sweatshirts for the early mornings and after it got dark.

I found these Coghlan’s reusable ponchos for the kids and Coghlan’s emergency ponchos for us on Amazon for cheap, and we didn’t even have to open them! Now they will go into our hiking packs for emergencies.


This could be digital, disposable (do they still make those??), your phone, a GoPro, or anything else you like to use.

Just don’t forget it!! You’ll want to capture those excited faces and wonderful family memories!

Portable Phone Charger

I am so glad I found this!! I mentioned it before in my 15 Tips & Tricks for the Magic Kingdom post, and I will continue to mention it in posts to come I’m sure, it’s so awesome!

The Anker Portable Charger saved us both days in the park! I was taking so many pictures and videos, using my My Disney Experience app, and sending texts to family members about our adventures, my phone battery was zapped by early afternoon.

This charger is great, because it is compatible with my iPhone 7 and also, my hubby’s Galaxy S7. I just made sure it was fully charged, that I had my phone charging cord, and we were able to plug right up while on the go. So convenient! I will be taking it with us every time we travel now.

Autograph Books & Sharpies

Finding characters and getting their autographs was a huge hit with our kids! I knew it would be, so I went prepared with individual books for them to hand over when we met someone throughout the park.

You can always buy these kind of books at the park (a little pricey) or you can make your own (check Pinterest), but I didn’t want to spend too much and I didn’t have the time to make them.

I found these spiral notebooks (they have multiple boy and girl versions) on Amazon. Then I found the large, clickable Sharpie markers. They are easier for the characters to use with their big hands, and kept everything in the backpack until we needed them. They are a great size for little hands to hang onto, but not too little that large character hands can’t hang onto them as well.

Extra Clothes

Each kid had an extra pair of pants, underwear, t-shirt and socks. You just never know!

I just packed it all into a ziplock baggie and slipped it into the backpack. We didn’t need them, but I was prepared just in case.

Jackets, Sweatshirts and/or a Blanket

We may not have needed jackets or sweatshirts during the day, but in the early mornings and after the sun went down, they were necessary. I also threw a light fleece blanket into the backpack, which came in handy when the kids fell asleep once it got dark.

Bottom line: Be prepared but you don’t have to overdo it. Keep it minimal!

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